Summer season is nearing!

Bistro Sofia is closed for business as of March 8, 2016.

 Welcome to BISTRO SOFIA catering options.


We are a full service, on and off-premise catering service, in addition to a hustling Bistro. We cater for weddings, galas, fundraisers, corporate functions, private events and special occasions.

Exceptional Quality and Professional Service

Exceptional food quality, experienced chefs, and friendly staff are brought to you by  BISTRO SOFIA.

BISTRO SOFIA offers customized menus to suit your taste and budget,  recommending the newest food trends and providing the freshest seasonal fare. 

Customized menu design provides flexibility and creativity in your choices.

Consistency, Reliability, and with a Passion for Style

Whether we cater a small corporate lunch or an elaborate black tie wedding we look after every detail to ensure that your event is a delicious success.


Contact us today for more information on having your

next event. 

The following is a sample of our most popular catering items:



  • Chicken ginger and green apples on crostini. 
  • Tender grilled steak served with spicy aioli.
  • Scallops with cucumber and melon gazpacho.  
  • Chicken or beef empanadas with avocado guacamole. 
  • Tuna or salmon tartar.
  • Tomato risotto with duck confit.
  • Crab cakes with lemon aioli.
  • Mini Montreal sandwiches.
  • Mini bacon burgers with a portobello mushroom spread. 
  • Smoked salmon salad on crostini.
  • Duck breast with mint fruit salad. 
  • Lobster with avocado, tomato concasse and orange segments.  
  • Chorizo and havarti cheese on crostini.  




  • Mini chocolate tart with orange ganache and caramelized cocoa nibs.
  • Apple crisp.
  • Lemon and caramel tart. 
  • Chocolate covered strawberries. 
  • Blueberry chocolate cake.  

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